Annual design exhibition 2023

Design for belonging


Do you belong here?

Most of my fellow students at my faculty would have answered »Not really«. The reasons are the faculty's relocation in 2019 and the online semesters in 2020 and 2021. I wanted to tackle this problem of disconnection. In response, I initiated the first student-only organised annual exhibition, involving a core team of Caro, Pia, Nike, Zora, and myself. Our focus was: How do we foster belonging?

We strengthened belonging through three key design aspects:
1. Co-design
2. Event design
3. Visual design

1. How does co-design foster belonging?

During the whole process, we listened to people to understand their needs, expectations and emotions. Additionally, we gave people a seat at the table to contribute. E.g. through »open sessions« during lunch. This inclusive approach ensured that people felt seen and heard, enabling them to actively co-design the exhibition.


2. How does event design foster belonging?

Events are as old as human history. We know that experiencing meaningful moments together matters for belonging. Our events aim for two things:

1. Celebrating and grouping — We planned multiple events like the farewell for graduations, the vernissage, a party for all students and a BBQ on the last day. Besides, we also organized a food truck, a pop-up café and multiple bars.

2. Inspiring — We had an exhibition inside an old hot-air balloon and an open-air cinema in addition to the main exhibition of 300 students.


3. How does visual design foster belonging?

As mentioned our faculty moved to a new building in 2019. With the exhibition's branding, I aimed to strengthen the identification with our new building. That’s why I used architectural elements as the foundation. Based on the windows of our building I developed a flexible and playful design. The branding serves as a visual bridge, connecting people with their physical space.


The outcome

During four days in July, 300 students showcased their projects to more than 3.000 visitors, political decision-makers and cooperation partners. However, the success of the project extends beyond sheer numbers. Since the design show, there has been a noticeable increase in student-led initiatives such as talks, exhibitions, parties, and game evenings.


Year: 2023
Concept and organisation: Caroline Vogt, Felix Schultz, Nike Kuschick, Pia Schlegl, Zora Boesser supervisied by Prof. Ben Santo
Supporting students: Adrian Strohmer, Andreas Empl, Bianca Novak, Carolina Reuss, Erik Ganslmeier, Max Rauhudt, Fabian Gruber, Fabi Lou Sax, Lennart Franke, Lara Bittel, Lara Langhein, Louise Klemptner, Philipp Wagner, Tim Kümmel, Yulia Ostheimer, Yvonne Weinmann
Supporting employees: Carola Amschler, Daniela Neuhauser, Karin Baumann, Sabine Bärmann, Tina Barankay, Adina Huber, Elisabeth Kerp, Franz Schmid, Kai Metzger, Klaus Grittner, Matthias Mazur, Maximilian Kronthaler, Stefan Hoffmann, Thomas Wolf, Philipp Griebel
Sponsors and partners: Fritz Kola, Getränke Altinger, Schallinger, Herr & Frau Rio
Photos: Philipp Wagner

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