150 Years of histroy in one book


What does type designer Paul Renner and his Futura font have to do with my university? How did my university behave towards the Nazi regime?

In 2022, the University of Applied Sciences Munich celebrated its 200th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, Prof. Xuyen Dam, my fellow students, and I designed a 600-page publication. It's the first of two parts and deals with the university's predecessor institutions from 1821 to 1971. The publication's texts and images are based on scientific research conducted by Neumann & Kamp.


The book is divided into six chapters, each with its own visual concept featuring different colors and image concepts. However, a strict design system maintains visual unity throughout the book. The use of consistent font sizes, prominently displayed years, strongly rasterized photographs at the beginning and end of each chapter, and the use of indentations in the text create visual brackets that tie everything together.


Publisher: Prof. Dr. Martin Leitner
Project management: Dr. Marcus Müller-Ostermaier
Design: Frederike Wagner, Lennard Seis, Nicolai Pakai, Philipp Kaser and Felix Schultz supervisied by Prof. Xuyen Dam
Publication photos: Frederic Hermann
Content: Neumann + Kamp Historical Projects / Christiane Taddigs-Hirsch
Publisher: August Dreesbach Verlag
Printing: Longo AG, Bolzano
Font: Klim Type Foundry - Untitled

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